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Mail art works
by Fan Mail

For Luis Roswitha Guillemin, France - project "Raymond Hains"
sent in june 2007

For Luis Diaz Garcia, Spain - project "desire"
sent in june 2006

Project Fairywaters, Jacques Jaminon, Belgium
in memoriam Baudhuin Simon
sent in June 2006

Add and return project of Mark Hammond, Japan
sent in June 2006

For Luis Diaz Garcia, Spain
sent in 2005 - project "kiss"

For editions Alternatives, Paris
sent in June 2001

Project War-worn in Co Roscommon, Ireland
sent in June 99

Project Gutenberg, Bartkowiac, Hamburg
june 2000

Contribution sent on august 23rd, 1996 to Clemente Padin in Uruguay
Project: In memoriam Guillermo Deisler

Project for "Life on a shoestring" sent on december 9th 1996
to Dragonfly Dream, Santa Fe, New Mexico

Work sent on Nov 2nd 1996 to project "DADA LIVES"
Georg Lipinsky, Uelzen, Germany

A collage sent on march 1st 1997 to Parvis Poétique, Paris
on the theme "Vachement poétique"

Envelope for Eric Bensidon, France (march 28th, 1997)
for his project FREE MUMIA ABU-JAMAL

Front and back from a card for Gallery 1114, Texas (may 16th 97)
Project: "As blue as I wanna be"

e-mail contribution to Sean Woodward's Masks project
sent to UK on may 19th 1997

small shopping bag sent to "LET'S GO SHOPPING" call from Kassel, Germany
sent on may 28th, 1997

Mail artist's Trunk
Project from K. Frank Jensen, Spilkammeret, Denmark
July 2nd, 1997

"Eine chinesische Brief-Geschichte"
for Henning Mittendorf, july 3rd 1997
Project: Getting old

One $ Project
for InDigest Press, USA

Brecht-project / april 1998
sent to Jörg Seifert, Germany

Guido Gezelle project / October 30th 1998
sent to Guy Bleus, Belgium

Cross Project / November 27th 1999
sent to Hans Braumüller, Santiago, Chile

Ray Johnson retrospective in Whitney Museum NYC
sent in January 99

Francis Van Maele
Dugort, Achill Island, County Mayo, Ireland