About Redfoxpress
and his founder Francis Van Maele
and Franticham

- Born 1947 in Belgium between Bruges and Ghent
- The first pictures he made in 1958 with a Kodak Brownie were already a subject for an artist book.
- Lost 10 years working as an textile engeneer in an american company in Luxembourg from 1970 to 1980
- 1977 started learning silk screen printing in the Art Academy of Trier in Germany
- First attempts of making books with photographs and silk screen prints from 1977 to 1980 (luckily not vailable anymore).
- 1980 he founded Editions Phi in Luxembourg. The initial intension was to publish his own works.
- Editions Phi gradually became a leading publishing house in Luxembourg for poetry, theater plays, litterature, essays and art.
- In 2001 Francis sold Editions Phi to the Luxembourger Newspaper "Tagablatt"
- Only a very few of the limited hand printed Editions of that time (1980-2001) are still available.
- In 2001 a retrospective exhibition was organised by the "Centre National de Litterature" in Luxembourg
- A beautifull catalogue was published and is still available and can be ordered by e-mail.
- In 2000 Francis founded Redfoxpress and moved in 2002 to Ireland, hoping this time to concentrate fully on artist's books
- In 2005 Francis moved to his present location in Achill Island on the cliffs overlooking the Atlantic Ocean.
- In 2005 he met Antic-Ham from Korea at the Seoul book fair. They run since then Redfoxpress together.
- Having same taste in life and work, they produce together books under the name of Franticham
- In 2007 they launched a new collection "C'est mon dada" with small artist's books from visual poets from around the world
- In 2009 they started a new collection of "Fluxus Assembling Boxes"
- In 2011 they start collecting Polaroid cameras and make books with Polaroid photographs. They launch also a new website "www.polamad.com"
- They travel around the world showing their books at Art Book Fairs (London, Mainz, Paris, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Barcelona, Basel, Frauenfeld, Oxford, New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Seoul...).

Francis Van Maele
Dugort, Achill Island, County Mayo, Ireland