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A collection of small artists' books
dedicated to experimental, concrete and visual poetry,
or any work combining text and visual arts
in the spirit of dada or fluxus.

Carol Stetser

A6 format - 40 pages - laser printing.
Thread and quarter cloth binding
January 2011
price: 15 euro / 20 US $ / 13 UK Sterling

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            Visual poetry has been my passion since 1984.
            "Threads" summarizes, in color, my obsession
            with language. In the same way that our bodies
            contain within them the remnants of our
            ancestors, so do our languages.
            The weaving of signs of the past and present
            celebrate the ancient peoples, writings,
            and symbols that are still a part of us.
            These are the archetypal images that continue
            to speak to us from ancestral memories that
            we will, in turn, pass on to future generations.

            Carol Stetser founded Padma Press in 1976.
            After publishing 3 offset photography books,
            she became active in the mail art network for
            the next 14 years.
            In 1980 she began making xerographic collages,
            a medium she continues to use for her visual
            poetry which has been widely published
            and collected.

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