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A collection of small artists' books
dedicated to experimental, concrete and visual poetry,
or any work combining text and visual arts
in the spirit of dadaism or fluxus.

"Homage to the Square"
January 2008 - 40 pages - A6

A6 format (10.5x15 cm / 4 x 6") - 40 pages
hardcover, thread and quarter cloth binding
laser printing on ivory paper.
price: 15 euro / 20 US $ / 13 UK Sterling

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Clemante Padin was born in Lascano, Rocha, Uruguay (1939).
Experimental poet, graphic artist, curator, performer, videomaker, multimedia & networker.
Graduated in Hispanic Literature.
Edited the magazines Los Huevos del Plata (The Silver´s Eggs), 1965-1969; OVUM 10 and OVUM, 1969 -1975,
Participaciˆ„n (Participation) 1984 -1986 and Correo del Sur (Southern Post), 2000 - 2003.
Has showed his works in several individual exhibitions in United States of America, Italy, Korea, Canada, Argentina, Uruguay, Germany, Spain, Brazil, Belgium and Japan.
Among other distinctions he was invited personally to the XVI Biennial of Sˆ£o Paulo (1984),
to the Biennial of Havanna (2000) and Cuenca, Ecuador (2002).
Scholar by the Academy of Arts and Letters of Germany (1984), has dictated seminaries in the 4 corners of the world.
Since "The Poetry should Be made for All," Montevideo, 1970, has carried out countless performances in many places of the world.
He is author of 18 books and hundred of notes and articles published worldwide.
He has participated in multiple events in Internet since 1992 and has published two CD ROMs with Net Art.
He has been awarded the Pedro Figari Price for his artistic career in Uruguay in 2005

Francis Van Maele
Dugort, Achill Island, County Mayo, Ireland