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Artists' Books
in limited signed editions



Poems from JOHN F. DEANE
with 6 screenprints

size 20 x 27 cm
Arches paper 250 gr.
32 pages
in plexiglas slipcase
75 numbered and signed copies

Price: 195 euros (260 US $)

Date of publication: september 15th 2006

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The Old Grey House

I am ghost presence still
haunting ghosts in the crossroads house;
blind-man's-buff in the hallway
a shadow, reaching to touch

shadows, father's ghost hands teasing.
Upstairs, end of the landing, the boy
prayed, words cupped like moths in his hands
and they would not fly, as if

our natural aspirations scorch
against Christ's flame. I would become
the one figure in the sky, shoulder-bones
like wings, lifting off the island into light;

I remember father's fingers, how they brought
shadow-butterflies to life along the wall; father,
mother, all the beloved dead, it is all
questions of gravity and grace, a holding

to Christ begging from the shadows, as I hold
to lake and house and living ghosts,
attempting to release the words like prayers
that they rise towards the Christ-shadow, the light.

John F. Deane & John Behan

Francis Van Maele
Dugort, Achill Island, County Mayo, Ireland