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Artists' Books
in limited signed editions



Poems from Achill born JOHN F. DEANE

with contributions from artists from, or residing in Achill

size 15 x 21 cm - Rives BFK vellum 210 gr.
40 pages - in plexiglas slipcase
Inkjet and laser printed
April 2009, 150 copies numbered and signed by the author
Price: 95 euros - 130 US $ - 85 Pd St

or order by email at info@redfoxpress.com

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John Mc Hugh - Willem van Goor - Ingrid Schulz - Francis Van Maele

Slievemore : Big Mountain

Before the tender God came, quizzical,
back out of the tomb, human still though resurrected,
before our fingers found a way to probe
the ghastly wounds for our forgiveness, giants
strode and fought across the slopes of the island's
big mountain; we have found their graves still kempt
under giant stones, the kestrel's piercing scream
sounding above, the bumble bee gladdened
among the heather bells; beasts, we suppose,
ranged against them, and the battles that they fought -
blood-inundated - were crushing to the flesh
as are ours; they went down, too, as we do, knowing life
a puzzlement, the only miracles they shared
were the colour-patterns shifting on the slopes, the sea's
berceuse-music from beyond the head, the graced
inebriation of their love-making when a goddess-moon
lay low and languid on the shoulder. We have a language
to sunder the apathy of boulders, and we have word
of a victory achieved, to still the blood, to move the mountain.

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Amanda Mac Mahon - Mary Lavelle-Burke - Margaret Morrisson

John F. Deane, born Achill Island 1943. Poet and fiction writer. Member of Aosdana. Has won the Marten Toonder Award and the O'Shaughnessy prize as well as international awards for his poetry. He was resident scholar in the Burns Library of Boston College in 2008 and was elected President of the European Academy of Poetry the same year. Latest collection of poetry is "A Little Book of Hours", Carcanet 2008. Latest fiction "The Heather Fields", Blackstaff 2007.

Antic-Ham (Kim Hye Mee) was born in Seoul, South Korea in 1974, studied 'Play Writing' in the Seoul Art College from 1996 to 1998 and photography from 2000 to 2004. Since then she makes artist books with photographs, collage, drawings and writing in digital or screen printing. She had various artist book exhibitions with 'Sujak' , a book art group in Seoul, and participated in artists' book fairs in London, Oxford, Manchester, Glasgow, Mainz, Ghent, Frankfurt and Seoul. She lives in Seoul and in Achill and makes book collaborations with Francis Van Maele.

Rene Boell - Born 1948 in Cologne, studies in Cologne and Vienna. One-man-shows and other exhibitions since 1972 in China, Czechoslovakia , Ecuador, Ireland, Germany, the Netherlands, Switzerland and the USA. In 1955 I came to Achill for the first time at the age of six, and during the next ten to twelve years I spent many weeks and even months annually on the island. Achill Island became an important part of my childhood and youth; it was a second home. The countryside on Achill Island has strongly influenced my painting, also with Chinese ink, until today, and it still inspires me. I follow no canon in my work and embrace no ideological tenets or goals. It is irrelevant to me whether my works are "modern" or "trendy".

Ronan Halpin (sculpture) - Ronan attended the National College of Art & Design in Dublin where he received an Honours Degree B.A. Sculpture. From 1982 to 1984 he attended Yale School of Art, and received an Honours Degree Sculpture M.F.A. His robust works in metal draw on a range of associations with great fluency and wit; opening up endless interpretative possibilities.

Mary Lavelle-Burke - As a native of Achill, the island holds a life story for me. Watching the sea and the shoreline is inspiring but also filled with memories of the past. Even though I lived away from Achill for twenty years, I kept the visits and the connection constant. Now living here again, the markings of current world change have landed here too. Whether working with mixed media or oil, influenced by the ever-changing mood of the west coast, I find the gestures sliding into position organically. One could view some of these paintings as seascapes but a closer look will reveal fishlike form leaving their trace.

Amanda Mac Mahon (painting) - From 1992 to 1997 Amanda was a member of the Drogheda woman's artist group Boann - participating in a number of group shows in the Droichead arts centre. In 1998 she moved, with her family, to Achill Island and began to paint full time. Much of the subject matter in Amanda's paintings seems to address the nature of development and change in the west of Ireland. Her work is now part of the Mayo County Council and many private collections both at home and abroad.

John Mc Hugh is a sculptor living in Achill. His work in sculpture and drawing is informed directly the surrounding landscape and cultural environment. He has exhibited on a regular basis in Ireland, and participated in shows at Linenhall Arts Centre Castlebar, RHA Dublin, Project Arts Centre, Dublin Abha Teangai Achill, - Crawford Gallery, Cork, Model Arts Centre Sligo, Limerick City Gallery, Guinness Hop Store, Dublin. He has received awards from Arts Council of Ireland. Dept of Foreign Affairs and Mayo Co Council. His works are in public and private collections in Ireland and the USA.

Margo Mc Nulty was born in Achill Island, County Mayo. She studied Fine Art painting and printmaking in GMIT Galway. She was awarded a Scholarship to undertake post-graduate study in Belgium and afterwards she lived and worked in London. In 2002, she completed her Masters in Fine Art Print at the National College of Art and Design in Dublin. 'My images are photographic etchings, photogravures and pigment prints, based on places from my childhood in Achill. They are not so much about 'the place itself' but rather driven by a desire to work with memory.'

Margaret Morrisson was born in Dublin and educated at the National College of Art in Dublin and at the University of Southern Illinois, Carbondale Illinois - completing an MFA in 1992. She has exhibited her work widely in various venues including the Rubicon Gallery Dublin, The Linenhall Arts Centre Castlebar, Airfield House Dublin, Crawford Gallery Cork, Buter Gallery Kilkenny. Margaret Morrisson has received many awards for her work from the Arts Council of Ireland, and Mayo County Council, and her work has featured in reviews in the media. Her works are collected in public and private collections in Ireland, the USA, Europe and Australia.

Ingeborg Schulz (Yngvi-Art) is living in Cloughmore, Achill since 2000. She captures with her camera things in nature that most people wouldn't notice as things of beauty. Many of her prints are part of the Mayo County Council and many private collections.

Willem van Goor - The work is made with a mixed technique of acrylic and pencil on board; built up with multiple layers of colours; it also includes precise pencil work, combined with detailed drawings. My aim is to capture the hidden landscape. It's about the interaction between the elements and the traces that are left behind. I like to zoom in from the bigger, figurative picture to an almost abstract configuration, which only consists out of form and colour. Next to this remains the persistent amazement about the sudden appearance of an insect, something in the verge of the road, a moonlit cottage.

Francis Van Maele from Belgium runs Redfoxpress in Achill since 2005. In his silkscreen studio he prints and publishes collaboration works with artists and authors in limited hand printed editions. He makes also his own artist's books using many different techniques such as collage, photography, laser printing, solvent transfer, monoprints, stencils, rubberstamping, drawing, frottages, found objects, ephemera.... He publishes also a collection of visual and concrete poetry named "C'est mon dada". Since 1994 he is active in the international mail art network.

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Antic-Ham - Margo Mc Nulty

Rene Boell

Ronan Halpin

Francis Van Maele
Dugort, Achill Island, County Mayo, Ireland