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Drawings in O'Conner's, McGann's, McDermott's, the Roadside Tavern
or one of the other pubs in Doolin, Lisdoonvarna or Kilfenora.
Inkjet printing
12 x 17 cm - 44 pages - hardcover
2010, 150 numbered copies
35 euros - 50 US $ - 30 UK Pds

"It's half eight in the evening time to take the bikes and go down
for O'Conner's, McGann, McDermatt's, the Roadside Tavern or one of
the other pubs in Doolin, Lisdoonvarna or Kilfenora.
Walter shoulders the bag of my bodhran with his sketchbook,
pencil and brush inside and off we go.
Guinness isn't only good for a drink but gives as well a nice colour
to a drawing."

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      How we came to Ireland

      Walter's stepfather Johnny was Scottish with Irish roots and went oft on holidays to Ireland
      with Walter's mum Irma. He thought it to be the right country for us and told us so every time
      they came back.
      I ran an international gallery and painting school on the German island of Foehr at that time.
      Walter was a primary school teacher and painted in his free time. We were both passionate about
      Irish music.
      In summer 1989 Johnny invited us for an extensive journey to Ireland and we fell in love with it
      already on the ferry "St. Patrick". Reaching Ireland Walter asked me how I was feeling.
      My heartfelt answer was: "At home" and his reply: "me too". That strong feeling has never
      left me even after Walter's passing away in 2003.
      In October of '93 we spent 2 weeks with our friends Ros & Tim in Inishowen and decided to buy a
      house in Ireland. We liked Donegal very much and would have looked for a house in Malin or Culduff,
      but we liked Doolin and the Burren even more because of our love for Irish traditional music.
      There we could have live music every night if we wanted to.
      We found our house in Carnaun, Doolin, by luck (or was it destiny?) in January '94: an old traditional
      cottage with 6 sheds and some wild hillside. Up to '97 we could only come for holidays but in summer 1997
      Walter went into early retirement because of health reasons and we moved definitely to our new home.
      We converted 3 sheds into an art studio (Carnaun Studio), where Walter and I made prints and paintings.
      Walter enjoyed six years of good life cycling, drawing, with a good pint of Guinness and a Jameson,
      Irish weather and a cosy turf fire.
      He died in November of 2003 and I scattered his ashes over our fields with 20 musicians playing
      and with friends and neighbours in attendance.

      Corinna Schroeder - v. Frihling, Doolin, May 2011

Francis Van Maele
Dugort, Achill Island, County Mayo, Ireland