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Screenprints by Francis Van Maele and Antic-ham
price each: 65 euros / 90 US $ / 55 UK pds

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you can order also by email at info@redfoxpress.com

"Brooklyn Bridge 1" - 32x32 cm - 176 gr. Mohawk Via Vellum Ivory (Francis Van Maele)

"Brooklyn Bridge 2" - 32x32 cm - 176 gr. Mohawk Via Vellum Ivory (Francis Van Maele)

"Empire State Builing" - 15x42 cm (Antic-Ham)

"Chrysler Builing" - 15x42 cm (Antic-Ham)

"Manhattan Trucks" - 21x30 (Antic-Ham)

"Stickers" - 25x35 - printed on grey cardboard and on USP stickers (Francis Van Maele)

"MoMA" - 21x33 - 176 gr. Mohawk Via Vellum Ivory + sticker (Francis Van Maele)

"Stencil - Mike Tyson" - 21x30 - acetone transfer on packaging paper (Francis Van Maele)

"Gaffitis" - 21x30 - screen print on Village Voice magazine (Anticham)

"Patti Smith / MoMA" - 19x28 - BFK Rives, screen print and inkjet (Francis Van Maele)

"Subway" - 15x20 (Antic-Ham))

"Stars and stripes in bus" - 21x33 - 176 gr. Mohawk Via Vellum Ivory (Francis Van Maele)

"Ray Johnson" - 32x40 - with postcard from Sticker Dude (Francis Van Maele)

"Chelsea Hotel" - 20x31 (Antic-Ham))

"Liberty Statue and bicycles" - 31x42 (Antic-Ham))

"Allan Kaprow 'Yard' exhibition" - 20x30 - printed on magazine (Francis Van Maele)

"Warhol wallpaper in MoMA" - 20x30 - printed on tracing paper (Francis Van Maele)

"Manhattan view from Long Island" - 20x30 (Francis Van Maele)

"Court Square Restaurant" - 20x30 (Francis Van Maele)

"Empire State Building in blue sky" - 22x32 (Antic-Ham)

"Flat Iron in blue sky" - 22x32 (Antic-Ham)

"graffitis" - 18x26 (Antic-Ham)

"Americans (John Lennon & Sticker Dude)" - 18x26 (Antic-Ham)

"Bill Wilson's door" - 22x32 (Antic-Ham)

"EXIT" - 22x32 (Antic-Ham)

"Long Island City" - 22x32 (Antic-Ham)

"MoMa entrance" - 12x32 (Antic-Ham)

"Bunny stamp" - 22x32 (Antic-Ham)

"Woody Allen" Stencil - 22x32 (Antic-Ham)

"Andy Warhol" Stencil - 22x32 (Antic-Ham)

"School bus" - 22x32 (Francis)

"Madison Ave." - 22x32 (Francis)

"Madonna posters in Chelsea" - 22x42 (Francis)

These prints have been hand printed in silk screen in Ireland on Achill Island
in 10 to 15 copies, numbered and signed
They are artist proofs from the book "NEW YORK - NEW YORK"
to be published in spring 2010
The price includes packaging and postage worldwide

Francis Van Maele
Dugort, Achill Island, County Mayo, Ireland