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30 screenprints from drawings by frantic and anticham
printed on paper from cattle feed bags
22 x 30 cm - 36 pages
2006, 23 signed copies, 100 euros - 140 US $ - 90 uk pds

A spontaneous idea.. draw our faces.. an exercise..
a nice creative moment together, as we had so many already.
We had oil crayons in our bags.. just needed some paper.
In a small shop with counter on the street, we saw old bags of cattle feed
they used as wrapping paper.. this was great.. nobody in the shop..
we took 3 sacks.. and headed for our late breakfast.. it was already early afternoon..
Two drawing cessions we had.. with coissants, condensed milk toasts, brioches, and loads of coffee refills..
in Taschen Artbook Cafe in Taehaklo.. and in Artisee cafe in Dogok-Dong ..
each time till darkness came in Seoul's early february snowy days.
We thought it would be nice to screenprint all the drawings into a book on the same paper..
went back to the shop who sent us to the Jungbu Sijang fish market..
we came home with 20 kg of used cattle feed bags..

Francis Van Maele
Dugort, Achill Island, County Mayo, Ireland