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nearly 1000 artist's books in my bathroom
10x10 cm - 20 pages - ring bound
2007, 69 signed copies
25 euros - 40 US $ - 22 UK PS

over 25 years of artist's book making
and collecting, going to book fairs,
buying or swapping books with same
minded artists or publishers.
the only place available in the house
if i wanted to have them all together
was in my bathroom. the relative humi-
ty of 60 to 70% is not worse than in
any other room OF my old stone
cottage which is just a few meters away
from the atlantic in the west of ireland.
before they were spread all over the
house, in various shelves and in boxes.
what a joy when i could have them all
in one place, available at any moment.
now they are 963 from artists from 4
different continents. they vary from
small photocopied zines to hand
printed editions. the only thing
they have in common - i like them all
and they are all precious to me.

This book was made for the exhibition
"from book to book" in the university
of leeds in 2008 in 69 copies.

Francis Van Maele
Dugort, Achill Island, County Mayo, Ireland